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Any Decent Music exists to help music lovers get access to a broad range of critical opinion.


The team behind it (that's Ally and Terry who thought of it and lovingly tend it) are all passionate music fans (and musicians themselves to varying degrees).


We are not a wholescale review aggregator, automatically sweeping up anything and everything relating to every album release. Everything on ADM has been manually reviewed, selected and added.

It's painstaking work, but it's a labour of love so we don't mind too much. And it means we don't clutter the site with reissues and compilations and stuff we know real music fans aren't interested it. (Ok, so we might include Susan Boyle or Jonas Brothers just for a laugh.)


It's not a straight average, ie the total ratings divided by the number of reviews. We have a formula that is weighted to take into account the number of reviews an album receives, which gives an advantage to albums receiving more reviews.

So an album which receives five 8/10 reviews will have a lower rating than an album with 25 8/10 reviews, which seems right to us. And an album would need more than 30 8/10 reviews to get a straight ADM rating of 8.0 (although it could achieve that rating with a range of 10/10, 9/10, 8/10, 7/10 etc reviews). All clear? Good.


We sift through more than 50 music review publications, online and offline. We reckon it's a fairly representative spread of sources from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Germany. They're different, but they're all intelligent, independent and sussed and we think it gives a good cross-section of critical opinion.

Not everyone gives numerical ratings so we read the reviews carefully and then have heated debates about whether it's a 7/10 or a 7.5/10. Sad, but true.

Albums need at least five reviews to chart. They drop out of the main Recent Releases chart after six weeks, but they're still there in the longer timescale versions.


We include extracts of reviews which are as brief as possible but long enough to give a reasonable flavour of the opinion of the writer, and always carry a link to the original review so users can read the full review.


If you wish to get in touch for whatever reason, email us:
allypalmer at yahoo dot com

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