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  1. 3631¬Two enthusiastic early reviews signal a promising critical reception for the 2nd album of minimal / psychedelic post-rock instrumentals from San Franciscan duo Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras. music OMH calls it "a transcendental experience"¬True¬
  2. 3706¬The first few reviews are very encouraging for Bjork's album-app experiment. Clash seems to sum up the consensus when they say it is "as good a collection of songs she has put her name to in ten years."¬False¬
  3. 3712¬Suede's Brett Anderson returns for another solo outing with Black Rainbows, recorded shortly after Slow Attack, his last effort. Not many reviews in yet, but the signs aren't great. Clash issued a 5, stating that it is "let down by pristine sessionmen."¬False¬
  4. 3744¬A moderate 6.0 rating overall for the 2nd album from the New Jersey indie rock quartet. Blurt decrees that it's "nearly impossible to dislike". The Skinny contradicts that by awarding a 4/10¬True¬
  5. 3713¬These idols to many a teen pop-punk addict return with their first album after a lengthy hiatus. Drowned in Sound seem to think the time spent on side projects has had an adverse effect, calling the new album "an extremely fragmented listen."¬True¬
  6. 3794¬A moderate start for the latest offering from lo-fi alt.folk legend Will Oldham, this time accompanied by Chicago songwriter Angel Olsen. Uncut awards an 8/10 but other reviewers are more reserved¬False¬
  7. 3758¬Varied responses for the debut album from the Devon-based folk / pop singer-songwriter, ranging from comparisons to Nick Drake to Q's verdict of "songs weighted down by earnest passion"¬False¬
  8. 3873¬The Portland trio have come up with what Bowlegs calls "a mightily impressive debut". It's dream-pop with an 80s synth edge, and it also earns a 7.4 from Pitchfork¬True¬
  9. 2296¬A handful of extremely positive reviews so far for the third album of alternative folk pop from the London-based five-piece. The Music Fix is particularly enthusiastic, describing it as "gorgeous collision of ideas".¬True¬
  10. 2229¬Not every critics agrees, but there is a string of high scores for the debut solo album of orchestral dream pop from sometime Efterklang keyboardist Anna Bronsted.¬True¬
  11. 2271¬The Gnarls Barkley man is picking up some exceptional praise for his 3rd album of hip hop, soul and funk, including a 10/10 from The Independent, who see him as "heir apparent to the great Southern soul stylists".¬True¬
  12. 2283¬With the exception of a 9/10 from Pop Matters, the reviews for the debut album from the hotly-tipped Brooklyn-based indie rock act are distinctly underwhelming. The Music Fix points out, as do several others, that much more was expected.¬True¬
  13. 2293¬A succession of unkind reviews greets the third album of pop rock from the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter. Mojo is probably the harshest: "You could call him the new Chris de Burgh, but then that would insult Chris de Burgh".¬True¬
  14. 2313¬A chart entry on a 7.1 rating for Black Moth Super Rainbow's Ryan Graveface with his solo album of psychedelic post-rock and modern Americana. "Lovely", "beautiful" and "enjoyable" are the perhaps surprising words being bandied around. ¬True¬
  15. 2248¬A real mixed bag of views on the latest album of Americana from the veteran Arizona band fronted by singer-songwriter Howe Gelb. To the BBC it's "almost miraculous". But The Skinny thinks it's "unconvincing" and "unfocused".¬True¬

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