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Debut techno album from Vince Clarke and Martin Gore reunited 30 years after the former left Depeche Mode

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  1. 9.0 |   BBC

    An instrumental technofest that you could quite easily enjoy down the rave-up or while engaging in some housework. And that makes it mission accomplished so far as anyone with ears should be concerned. Tremendous stuff
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  2. 9.0 |   The Quietus

    SSSS is a big, dark, riotously enjoyable, thoroughly banging masterpiece that, as with all great music intended for dancing, conjures the pounding, inescapable imperative of NOW
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  3. 8.0 |   Drowned In Sound

    Who needs vocals when you have a combined 60 years of pop-mastery on your side? That Ssss is also coherent, is a victory for experience and downright classiness
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  4. 8.0 |   music OMH

    One of the standout albums of 2012 so far. Tremendous stuff
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  5. 8.0 |   The Independent

    The most potent and inventive electronica album I've heard in ages, a masterclass in punchy bleepscaping
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  6. 8.0 |   Independent on Sunday

    A hugely enjoyable ride
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  7. 8.0 |   The Skinny

    Ten no-nonsense, dancefloor-oriented instrumentals, which marry the pair’s synth pop sensibilities to stripped-back electro in subtle yet infectious ways
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  8. 8.0 |   NME

    Ever-evolving and beautifully streamlined, this is a frighteningly intuitive collaboration for two men who haven’t spoken in over 30 years
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  9. 8.0 |   AU Review

    Like a disco on a distant star – alien, but compelling
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  10. 7.0 |   Consequence Of Sound

    For those who still appreciate mid-tempo techno, the vinyl is definitely worthy of coveted crate space
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  11. 7.0 |   Uncut

    The highly finessed sonics and subtle attention to detail emerge over repeat listens. Print edition only

  12. 7.0 |   All Music

    Adjust to it being low-key, sometimes background music, and SSSS won't be leaving the average synth pop fan's headphones anytime soon
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  13. 6.5 |   Pitchfork

    Even after they scrape their music clean of pop and pare things down to the metronomic essentials, they still can't hide the fact that they were born to make music that sounds as big as possible
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  14. 6.0 |   The Observer

    It feels like a natural progression from synthpop into more hard-edged material and robust pop sensibilities shine through amid the bleeps and filthy basslines
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  15. 6.0 |   The Irish Times

    Dark, crisp and superbly bleepy, a bespoke collection of dancefloor-orientated, minimal, sparse, stomping instrumentals that know exactly which buttons are required to tweak and tease a packed room
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  16. 6.0 |   The Scotsman

    The pair have indulged their shared love of minimal techno to create a meticulously sculpted set
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  17. 6.0 |   Rolling Stone

    The two legends go for minimal electro – no lyrics, no pop hooks, just a stripped- down set of Nineties-style trans-Europe synth grooves
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  18. 6.0 |   The Guardian

    It's never going to trouble their Mode days in terms of sales or pioneering, but makes a banging party soundtrack
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  19. 6.0 |   PopMatters

    Admirable for the uncompromising way it eschews its creators’ million-selling pasts, Ssss will sound at home alongside artists half their age in the world’s house and techno DJ sets
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  20. 6.0 |   Q

    The oldest clubbers in town? Maybe. But they've still got the moves. Print edition only

  21. 6.0 |   Spin

    Half of O.G. Depeche Mode reunites for post-apocalyptic techno romp. Mutant synths wrestle stark, minimal bass, WWF style
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  22. 4.0 |   No Ripcord

    Through headphones, Ssss lacks proper punctum. Through speakers, it fails to infect
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  23. 4.0 |   Mojo

    There's no hallmark of originality or pushing envelopes. Print edition only

  24. 2.0 |   Under The Radar

    Get these two away from each other
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