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Cheeky For A Reason

The View

Cheeky For A Reason

Fourth album from the Dundee indie rock quartet produced by Angelo Petraglia (Kings Of Leon)

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  1. 8.0 |   Q

    These 12 tracks represent The View's most fully-formed offering to date. Print edition only

  2. 7.0 |   NME

    Their creative fire is kindling once again
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  3. 7.0 |   BBC

    The new album title is ironic ... this is more of a grown-up View
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  4. 6.0 |   The Scotsman

    The View should settle for having their boisterous mojo back once more before trying to go all epic on us
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  5. 6.0 |   Uncut

    A moderately successful overhaul. Print edition only

  6. 6.0 |   The Observer

    Cheeky for a Reason is unadorned lad-rock, its terrace-friendly singalongs pitched between Slade and the Libertines stripped of the self-mythology
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  7. 6.0 |   The Digital Fix

    Hats off to The View - the critics may have abandoned them, but they don't care. They're just having the time of their lives
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  8. 6.0 |   The Guardian

    Just interesting enough to tide them over until guitars come back into fashion
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  9. 6.0 |   Evening Standard

    Cheeky for a Reason actually has greater potential for mainstream appeal than their early post-Libertines scuzziness
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  10. 5.0 |   DIY

    Kyle Falconer knows how to write catchy songs and it’s a shame that a lot of the very simple yet ear-pleasing melodies drift into wishy washy indie sound
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  11. 5.0 |   PopMatters

    If this had been their debut, back in the mid-‘00s, it would have been lauded it as a spirited release that shows promise for the future, but the world has moved on and cartoonish, anthemic, indie pop is no longer the musical vanguard
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  12. 4.0 |   State

    There are some decent tracks to be found here but the album lacks any real inspiration or imagination
    Read Review

  13. 4.0 |   God Is In The TV

    Feels like The View by numbers
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  14. 4.0 |   Clash

    The View are cheeky for a reason - it hides a distinct lack of inspiration
    Read Review

  15. 4.0 |   Mojo

    If The View are a hangover from the 2000s indie boom, this could be the album-shaped Alka-Seltzer to end it all. Print edition only

  16. 4.0 |   The Irish Times

    Without any new ideas, The View’s long-term outlook is increasingly bleak
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  17. 4.0 |   Drowned In Sound

    Unlike recent lad-rock casualties The Enemy, The View possess a certain degree of musical competence – the weakest tracks here might be ultimately forgettable, but they're melodic enough to always be hummable
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  18. 4.0 |   The Independent

    A series of routine punky-pop exercises is occasionally salvaged by their spirit and winning way with melody
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The View: Cheeky For A Reason

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