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Bass-heavy R&B and soul on the debut from the British singer

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  1. 9.1 |   Pretty Much Amazing

    Rejecting all self-indulgence, Ware has put forth a polished and gorgeous début that celebrates restraint and redefines R&B
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  2. 9.0 |   Sputnik Music (staff)

    Devotion does something remarkable in making the universal - love, heartbreak, and yes, devotion - feel specific
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  3. 9.0 |   PopMatters

    Her voice is just too remarkable to hide behind
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  4. 9.0 |   All Music

    It belongs in a class with Roxy Music's Avalon, Sade's Diamond Life, the Blue Nile's Hats, and Caron Wheeler's UK Blak
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  5. 9.0 |   The Line Of Best Fit

    A strong début from such a promising talent that offers qualities and sounds we all forgot we liked
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  6. 9.0 |   The Fly

    This debut’s sophistication might mean Jessie slinks to the forefront rather than shoving her way to the top, but however long it takes, ‘Devotion’ marks a new chapter in this future-pop superstar’s journey
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  7. 8.7 |   AltSounds

    Will surely put Jessie Ware firmly in place as the UK's new leading lady of soul
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  8. 8.5 |   Prefix

    Smoky torch songs laced with modern touches comprise the lion’s share of the album
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  9. 8.5 |   Pitchfork

    Her success thus far - and its likely continuation thanks to Devotion - is a testament to both her talent and budding songwriting skills, as well as the wide-open field that is modern R&B
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  10. 8.5 |   BBC

    Devotion is the sort of sophisticated, soulful pop record that comes along all too rarely, a collection that never hides the heart on its sleeve
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  11. 8.3 |   Beats Per Minute

    Ware might still be feeling out her surroundings, but considering the results, getting to see that evolution take place is an exciting and exceedingly worthwhile prospect, especially if it means we get song-of-the-year contenders like “Wildest Moments”
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  12. 8.3 |   A.V. Club

    Homing in on the intoxicating middle ground between swooning pop dramatics and chilly electronic sophistication
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  13. 8.0 |   DIY

    For the most part this is a flawless, breathless lap around both pop and "underground" music. 'Devotion' is the sound of modern pop, modern love - and heartbreak
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  14. 8.0 |   musicOMH

    A truly impressive debut album from yet another talented British singer. A front-runner for next year's BRIT awards? Don't bet against her
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  15. 8.0 |   Consequence Of Sound

    Her successful construction of a pop bridge between the past and present makes Devotion both classic and modern
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  16. 8.0 |   The Irish Times

    Sophisticated and effortlessly cool, in the old- fashioned sense of the terms
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  17. 8.0 |   Spin

    London's bass music is an integral part of her DNA
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  18. 8.0 |   NME

    A record filled with moments that bring you to your knees
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  19. 8.0 |   The Guardian

    Throughout Devotion you're never told to sit up and pay attention. Instead it quietly works its magic, a genuinely individual statement by an artist who didn't expect to become a pop star, but might struggle to stop it happening anyway
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  20. 8.0 |   Slant Magazine

    While she can occasionally come off like a more refined Katy B, she wisely eschews dupstep in favor of smooth, midtempo cuts like "Sweet Talk" and soul ballads like the stunning "Taking in Water"
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  21. 8.0 |   The Digital Fix

    An excellent juxtapositioning of elegance and the unsettling, Ware delicately harmonising over aggressive cuts
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  22. 8.0 |   Drowned In Sound

    A solid album of strong, emotive pop music
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  23. 8.0 |   The Arts Desk

    There isn't a weak song on the record, the atmosphere is constant, and Ware's velvet croon and rich harmonies seem effortless
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  24. 8.0 |   Q

    If given the chance, Devotion could knock the stuffing out of the charts. Print edition only

  25. 7.0 |   Clash

    A strong and accomplished debut, and Jessie Ware has provided the missing link between SBTRKT and Sade
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  26. 7.0 |   No Ripcord

    It’s pop music at its best and sophisticated to boot
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  27. 6.0 |   The Scotsman

    If only her namesake Jessie J had a fraction of the class of South London soul singer Jessie Ware, what a more bearable place the music world would be
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  28. 6.0 |   Independent on Sunday

    You wish, to take two of her professed influences, that she was a little less Sade, and a little more Chaka Khan
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  29. 4.5 |   Bowlegs

    Ware’s previous collaborations confirm her talent, but this album lacks substance and has definitely fallen victim to over-hype
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