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Fallen Angels

Bob Dylan

Fallen Angels

Album thirty-seven from the 74 year old is a follow up to 2015's 'Shadows in the Night', which also featured covers of classic American songs once recorded by Frank Sinatra

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  1. 10.0 |   NOW

    It subverts archetypes of romance, heroism and interpersonal connection to reveal something more sinister about human intent, all packaged in beautiful musicianship of the highest order
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  2. 8.5 |   Paste Magazine

    A hell of an enjoyable album to listen to, and one that I’m sure will be appreciated far more with the passage of time
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  3. 8.3 |   A.V. Club

    If this Dylan does cede the spotlight to another one, he’ll have left on a high note, deserving of a curtain call
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  4. 8.0 |   Mojo

    What Dylan gives us in these recordings is something of a sentimental memoir
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  5. 8.0 |   All Music

    The results are understated yet extraordinary, an idiosyncratic, romantic vision of 20th century America
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  6. 8.0 |   Uncut

    More wonderfully weary resignation from the Great American Songbook
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  7. 8.0 |   Gig Soup

    Dylan has never been afraid to confront limitations or expectations. Fallen Angels is proof of that, if required
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  8. 8.0 |   The Arts Desk

    Each song is a jewel, lovingly crafted, and redolent with a sense that a lifelong yearning has worn itself down, that things are lazily winding down to a melancholy end
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  9. 7.5 |   The 405

    Fallen Angels is cast in a wistful glow that is hard to resist
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  10. 7.0 |   PopMatters

    A touching tribute to Dylan’s continued passion for music, his love of performing and a celebration of some damn good songs
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  11. 7.0 |   Drowned In Sound

    His work-like approach might seem mercenary at times, his outlook so often cynical and his distance cold, but even on songs written by others, he can’t hide his humanity
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  12. 7.0 |   Rolling Stone

    It's really not far removed from where Dylan began, taking America's temperature through traditional folk and blues
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  13. 7.0 |   Spectrum Culture

    Still, Fallen Angels shows the senior troubadour having a sincere good time with the repertoire
    Read Review

  14. 6.5 |   The Line Of Best Fit

    Although his impressions of Sinatra give an insight into the music of his formative years and remind of the beauty and genius of that era, they are unlikely to appeal very far beyond hardcore Dylan fans
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  15. 6.4 |   Pitchfork

    Dylan's latest finds him once again putting his own idiosyncratic spin on a set of standards
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  16. 6.0 |   The Observer

    No one involved seems to be trying too hard, just basking in the pleasure of classic songs classily performed
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  17. 6.0 |   The Irish Times

    Either a continuation of Dylan’s exploration of narrative and structural simplicity, or an example of the waning of his not inconsiderable songwriting skills
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  18. 6.0 |   The Guardian

    Fallen Angels sounds like another love letter to Dylan’s own youth, and it’s charming
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  19. 5.8 |   Consequence Of Sound

    Dylan may naturally be better at the brooding that Shadows required, but these types of decisions equally prevent Fallen Angels from matching its predecessor
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  20. 5.0 |   musicOMH

    Those who choose to embrace and eulogise anything the great man releases will no doubt laud Fallen Angels as another triumph, but the harsh reality is this is Bob on auto-pilot
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  21. 4.0 |   The FT

    The arrangements suffer from sameyness and the songs are shadowed by the knowledge that all fairy tales must come to an end
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