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Social Cues

Cage The Elephant

Social Cues

Fifth album from the Kentucky indie rock five-piece produced by John Hill (MIA, Empire Of The Sun, Santigold)

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  1. 8.0 |   Mojo

    Musically, it's a radical rethink. Print edition only

  2. 8.0 |   NME

    Having spent their glittering career dancing through different sounds, Cage The Elephant truly find themselves on this mature, widescreen fifth album
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  3. 8.0 |   The Independent

    Social Cues is an album where Shultz bares his soul, and apparently shakes off a few demons in the process
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  4. 8.0 |   Rolling Stone

    The eclectic Kentucky band channels its mid-career angst on a great album
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  5. 8.0 |   Under The Radar

    Social Cues has plenty of spectacular music to make it a 2019 Top 10 contender
    Read Review

  6. 8.0 |   Uncut

    This audacious album succeeds not by altering Cage's distinctive identity but by exponentially amplifying it. Print edition only

  7. 8.0 |   music OMH

    Social Cues is Cage The Elephant’s darkest and most personal album yet
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  8. 7.3 |   Gig Soup

    Social Cues, the fifth album of the band, starts from an established sound and fills it up with the rhythm of lyrics, navigating change with character
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  9. 7.0 |   PopMatters

    Easily one of Cage the Elephant's best efforts. Aside from a few uninspiring entries, every inclusion offers something valuable, be it fetchingly catchy radiance or notably moving self-reflection
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  10. 7.0 |   XS Noize

    There is not a whole lot of progression on the release that will move the band forward but it is an enjoyable outing loaded with numerous hooks and ear candy
    Read Review

  11. 7.0 |   God Is In The TV

    Opening the album with a prismatic entrance, ‘Broken Boy’, captures the energetic and retro vibe of the five-piece. The echoic transcendence almost feels like I am about to enter The Hunger Games
    Read Review

  12. 7.0 |   Exclaim

    It's the sound of a band who know their niche in contemporary alternative rock and how to deliver every time
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  13. 7.0 |   All Music

    The group are at heart pop-pastiche artists, favoring style and sound over a finely honed song
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  14. 7.0 |   American Songwriter

    Shows the group maturing musically without losing its grip on their ability to craft haunting, accessible tunes ready for the larger venues they have rightfully graduated to
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  15. 6.7 |   Paste Magazine

    If Social Cues isn’t a bad album by any stretch; it’s nonetheless, in the band’s discography, surprisingly generic
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  16. 6.7 |   Consequence Of Sound

    An album of radio-friendly songs that plays it safe when risks might've yielded better
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  17. 6.0 |   The Skinny

    Cage the Elephant’s Social Cues shows that the band can still reach for new sounds while continuing to thump out radio-friendly hits
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  18. 6.0 |   Q

    While it doesn't measure up to such great break-up albums as Beck's Sea Change or Blur's 13, Social Cues still possesses emotional heft. Print edition only

  19. 6.0 |   No Ripcord

    Features some of their most accomplished songs yet
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  20. 4.8 |   Earbuddy

    Social Cues is Cage The Elephant at their most tired; phoning it in every step of the way
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  21. 4.5 |   The Line Of Best Fit

    There’s nothing wrong with the band aiming for pastures new, but for those of us who have loved a great deal of Cage The Elephant’s music to date, let’s hope Shultz and co can move on quickly
    Read Review

  22. 4.0 |   DIY

    Think Imagine Dragons in leather jackets and ripped jeans, if you will
    Read Review

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