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  1. 6.7


    Dark Sky Island

    Eighth studio album from the Irish singer, inspired by the island of Sark and the poetry of Roma Ryan

    Added: 20/11/2015

  2. 6.7


    Atheist's Cornea

    Album number six from the Tokyo post-hardcore five-piece

    Added: 16/07/2015

  3. 6.7


    Weareallgoingtoburnin hellmegamixxx3

    Third in a series of mixtapes from the Brooklyn hip hop producer Jaime Meline

    Added: 03/08/2010

  4. 6.7


    The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett

    Album number eleven of personal lo-fi indie rock from Mark Oliver Everett's California outfit

    Added: 16/04/2014

  5. 6.7

    Dustin Wong

    Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads

    Former Ponytail and Ecstatic Sunshine guitarist Wong releases his latest album of experimental guitar work and psychedelia

    Added: 14/03/2012

  6. 6.7


    Total Dust

    Collaboration between Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt and producer Leon Tahney (Final Fantasy, Rituals)

    Added: 13/07/2012

  7. 6.7

    Duck Sauce


    First full length album of club oriented disco house from Armand Van Helden and A-Trak, featuring award-winning single Barbra Streisand

    Added: 30/05/2014

  8. 6.7

    Diarrhea Planet

    I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

    Second album from the Nashville pop punk outfit

    Added: 20/08/2013

  9. 6.7

    Denai Moore


    Debut album from Jamaican born, East London singer-songwriter with elements of folk, indie and R&B produced by Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, Savages, How To Dress Well) and Plan B

    Added: 07/04/2015

  10. 6.7

    Deap Vally


    Second album from LA rock duo Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, produced by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner

    Added: 13/09/2016

  11. 6.7

    Danny And The Champions Of The World

    Streets Of Our Time

    An album of Americana from the former Grand Drive singer and guitarist Danny George Wilson in his new guise

    Added: 15/01/2010

  12. 6.7


    Best of Gloucester County

    Eight album of Christian indie pop fronted by Daniel Smith and including Sufjan Stevens

    Added: 22/02/2011

  13. 6.7

    Dag For Dag


    Debut album of minimal alt.rock and gothic folk from Swedish brother and sister duo Sarah and Jacob Snavely

    Added: 26/02/2010

  14. 6.7


    Endless Flowers

    Third album from the San Diego noise pop duo

    Added: 04/06/2012

  15. 6.7

    Cold Pumas

    Persistent Malaise

    Deput full-length from the Brighton indie / punk three piece known to deploy harmonised guitar riffs and complex rhythmical structures

    Added: 07/12/2012

  16. 6.7

    Cold Cave

    Love Comes Close

    Synthpop with industrial overtones on the full length debut from the band led by Philadelphia's Wesley Eisold

    Added: 31/10/2009

  17. 6.7

    Cloud Control

    Dream Cave

    Second album from Australian indie rock quartet now based in London

    Added: 16/09/2013

  18. 6.7

    Chilly Gonzales

    Solo Piano II

    Second volume of piano pieces from the versatile Canadian producer, MC and electro artist Jason Beck

    Added: 23/08/2012

  19. 6.7

    Chad VanGaalen

    Shrink Dust

    Fifth album of spacey indie from the Canadian musician and artist who does all of his own outré videos and artwork

    Added: 28/04/2014

  20. 6.7

    Cate Le Bon

    Me Oh My

    Folk, electro, country and psychedelia on the debut album from Gruff Rhys' right hand lady in mercury-nominated Neon Neon

    Added: 16/10/2009

  21. 6.7


    All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

    Latest slice of experimental post-rock from the Chicago outfit

    Added: 28/10/2009

  22. 6.7

    Cage The Elephant

    Tell Me I'm Pretty

    Fourth album from the Kentucky indie rock five-piece produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys

    Added: 16/12/2015

  23. 6.7

    Bryce Hackford


    Debut of ethereal techno featuring a few tracks over 20 minutes in length

    Added: 01/01/2014

  24. 6.7

    Blue Hawaii


    First official electronica / dream pop full-length release from the Montreal duo, recorded separately over the course of two years

    Added: 13/02/2013

  25. 6.7

    Black Lips

    Underneath The Rainbow

    Seventh studio album from the Atlanta, Georgia garage rock quartet

    Added: 12/03/2014

  26. 6.7

    Black Francis


    Mr Frank Black, reverting to his Pixies name, with a solo album of assorted rock stylings

    Added: 29/03/2010

  27. 6.7


    Ambivalence Avenue

    Intelligent dance music from Wolverhampton-based producer Stephen Wilkinson

    Added: 01/08/2009

  28. 6.7

    Beat Connection

    Surf Noir

    Debut mini-album release from the Seattle outfit, blending house, indie pop and electro-pop

    Added: 13/04/2011

  29. 6.7

    Barn Owl


    Seventh studio album of minimal / psychedelic post-rock instrumentals from San Franciscan duo Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras

    Added: 17/04/2013

  30. 6.7

    Axxa / Abraxas

    Axxa / Abraxas

    60s-rooted psychedelic pop, folk and garage rock on the debut from 23-year-old Atlanta singer-songwriter Ben Asbury

    Added: 10/03/2014


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