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  1. 5.9



    Eighth studio album from L.A.'s kings of pop-punk.

    Added: 13/09/2010

  2. 5.9

    Ben Folds Five

    The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind

    Folds returns to his deceptively named trio for another collection of alternative piano rock songs

    Added: 17/09/2012

  3. 5.9

    Prince Rama

    Top Ten Hits Of The End Of The World

    The fifth album of psychedelia from these sisters, raised on a Hare Krishna commune in Florida

    Added: 09/11/2012

  4. 5.9


    The Evolution of Man

    Album number four is a double for the big name English house / pop MC

    Added: 18/11/2012

  5. 5.9


    I Am Gemini

    Album No.7 from Tim Kasher's Nebraska hardcore indie rock band is a concept album about twins separated at birth

    Added: 21/02/2012

  6. 5.9

    Bob Geldof

    How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell

    Fifth solo album from the former Boomtown Rats frontman and anti-poverty activist

    Added: 01/02/2011

  7. 5.9

    Paul McCartney

    Kisses on the Bottom

    Sir Paul ditches the guitar for his 35th post-Beatles album and finds inspiration in piano pop instead

    Added: 03/02/2012

  8. 5.9

    Dead Confederate


    Second album from the alt.rock five-piece from Athens, Georgia

    Added: 20/08/2010

  9. 5.9

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Specter at the Feast

    The Californian scuzzy blues rock / psych rock trio with album No.7

    Added: 15/03/2013

  10. 5.9


    Evolution Theory

    Debut album from the London quartet who fuse dubstep with pop rock and electro

    Added: 12/02/2013

  11. 5.9



    Fifth full-length from the Leicester rock band, named after the total running time of the album and produced by guitarist Sergio Pizzorno

    Added: 05/06/2014

  12. 5.9

    Just Jack

    All Night Cinema

    London hip hop and garage artist Jack Allsopp with his third album

    Added: 30/08/2009

  13. 5.9


    Playing in the Shadows

    Third album from the London-born hip hop artist Elliot Gleave

    Added: 02/09/2011

  14. 5.9

    Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

    Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

    Third album of psychedelic indie folk from the Los Angeles band led by Alex Ebert

    Added: 23/07/2013

  15. 5.9

    Chad Valley

    Young Hunger

    Oxford-based Hugo Manuel, frontman of tropical rock group Jonquil, with a solo album of chillwave / Balearic synth pop featuring a range of guest singers

    Added: 01/11/2012

  16. 5.9


    I Done A Album

    Eclectic album of comedy, dubstep, hip hop and more from the beatbox champion

    Added: 20/03/2011

  17. 5.9


    Welcome Reality

    Debut album of house / dubstep from the London-based electronic duo released on Chase and Status's label

    Added: 12/08/2011

  18. 5.8

    The Russian Futurists

    The Weight's On The Wheel

    Fourth album of lo-fi indie pop from the Toronto outfit led by Matthew Hart

    Added: 19/11/2010

  19. 5.8

    The Black Heart Procession


    More gloom and doom indie rock from the Californian band on - yep - their sixth album

    Added: 03/11/2009

  20. 5.8

    Paul Heaton

    Acid Country

    First solo outing since 2008's The Cross Eyed Rambler from the long-standing indie pop singer-songwriter and ex-Beautiful South leader

    Added: 12/09/2010

  21. 5.8

    Ocean Colour Scene


    Birmingham's big-selling Britpop survivors with album number nine

    Added: 08/02/2010

  22. 5.8

    Milk Maid


    Debut album of lo-fi melodic garage rock from the Manchester group

    Added: 01/07/2011

  23. 5.8

    Mariah Carey

    Me. I am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse

    Delayed release of album number fourteen from the New York-born pop and R&B singer which has been in development since 2011

    Added: 26/05/2014

  24. 5.8

    Larsen B


    Debut album of indie pop from Hertfordshire three-piece

    Added: 05/07/2010

  25. 5.8

    Johnny Foreigner

    Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything

    It's a fourth full-length album from this Birmingham indie pop trio

    Added: 07/11/2011

  26. 5.8

    Jeff Beck

    Emotion & Commotion

    The veteran rock and blues guitarist returns with a collection of classical and R&B compositions

    Added: 15/04/2010

  27. 5.8

    Echo And The Bunnymen


    Twelth studio album from the long-running post punkers Ian McCullough and Will Sergeant

    Added: 23/05/2014

  28. 5.8

    White Arrows

    Dry Land Is Not A Myth

    Debut album from the Los Angeles-based indie rock five-piece

    Added: 29/06/2012

  29. 5.8

    We Have Band


    Second album of dance rock and electro-pop from The London trio

    Added: 10/02/2012

  30. 5.8

    Talib Kweli

    Prisoner Of Conscious

    Solo release No.6 from the indie hip hop artist, featuring collaborations with Nelly amd Busta Thymes and production from Rza and Oh No

    Added: 07/05/2013


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