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  1. 6.4

    Drums of Death

    Generation Hexed

    Debut album of electronic creep-pop from the London based Scot.

    Added: 22/09/2010

  2. 6.4

    Die Hard

    Die Hard

    This Glasgow group have a dark take on electronica, fleshed out in this debut release

    Added: 29/02/2012

  3. 6.4

    Dear Reader


    Johannesburg alt-pop singer-songwriter Cheri MacNeil with her 4th album, a "pop opera" about her childhood in apartheid South Africa

    Added: 12/04/2013

  4. 6.4

    Dead Can Dance


    First album in 16 years from the reformed Australian duo, renowned for their combination of neo-classical, new age world music and gothic folk

    Added: 10/08/2012

  5. 6.4

    David Grubbs

    The Plain Where The Palace Stood

    Latest release from the prolific Brookly-based experimental post-rock musician

    Added: 23/04/2013

  6. 6.4



    Third collection of ’80s electropop-inspired synth compositions from French electronic artist David Grellier

    Added: 16/09/2013

  7. 6.4

    Chrissy Murderbot

    Women's Studies

    Debut album from the Chicago producer and DJ, encompassing juke, footwork, house and dubstep

    Added: 18/05/2011

  8. 6.4

    Chapel Club

    Good Together

    Sophomore record for the London indie poppers sees them take a synth-heavy approach

    Added: 06/06/2013

  9. 6.4


    Brokeback and the Black Rock

    First album in ten years from Tortoise and Eleventh Dream Day bassist Douglas McCombs' side project

    Added: 28/01/2013

  10. 6.4

    Big Sean

    Dark Sky Paradise

    Third studio album from the Detroit, Michigan hip hop artist and Kanye West protégé

    Added: 26/02/2015

  11. 6.4

    Bad Religion

    The Dissent of Man

    Fifteenth album of acerbic punk from the California veterans

    Added: 18/10/2010

  12. 6.4



    Tenth studio album from Sheffield Indie band formed in 1995 and fronted by Stephen Jones with cameo from Johnny Depp

    Added: 10/03/2010

  13. 6.4

    Azure Ray

    As Above So Below

    The fifth record from this dream pop duo, who started when they were just 15

    Added: 20/09/2012

  14. 6.4

    A Place to Bury Strangers


    Fourth album from the New York–based noise rock band

    Added: 10/02/2015

  15. 6.4


    Complete Strangers

    Sixth album of indie folk from Andy Cabic's San Francisco five-piece

    Added: 24/03/2015

  16. 6.4



    Collaborations abound on the first album in three years from techno / electronic duo Karl Hyde and Rick Smith

    Added: 11/09/2010

  17. 6.4

    Tim Kasher

    The Game of Monogamy

    First album of indie rock in an orchestral setting from the former Cursive frontman

    Added: 05/10/2010

  18. 6.4

    Sun Airway

    Soft Fall

    The Philadelphia psych-edged synthpop band led by Jon Barthmus with their 2nd album

    Added: 04/10/2012

  19. 6.4

    Soft Metals


    Los Angeles-based synthpop duo's second album with a more beat-driven sound, inspired by the sounds of Chicago and Berlin

    Added: 19/07/2013

  20. 6.4

    Secret Cities

    Pink Graffiti

    Debut album of indie pop / chamber pop from the North Dakota trio

    Added: 21/07/2010

  21. 6.4

    Scissor Sisters

    Magic Hour

    Fourth album from the New York disco, electro-pop five-piece

    Added: 24/05/2012

  22. 6.4

    Rodrigo y Gabriela

    9 Dead Alive

    Fourth studio album by Mexican guitar duo, with each track dedicated to celebrating the life and work of an individual

    Added: 29/04/2014

  23. 6.4

    Ringo Deathstarr

    Colour Trip

    Debut album of indie shoegaze from the ambitiously monikered Texan group

    Added: 11/02/2011

  24. 6.4

    My Sad Captains

    Best Of Times

    Third album and first for Bella Union from the indie rock London quartet

    Added: 12/03/2014

  25. 6.4

    Mice Parade


    The NY experimental post rock band led by Adam Pierce with a 9th collection of multi-cultural, multi-genre compositions

    Added: 19/03/2013

  26. 6.4

    Marianne Faithfull

    Horses And High Heels

    24th album from the veteran English singer-songwriter

    Added: 03/03/2011

  27. 6.4

    Laetitia Sadier

    Something Shines

    Third solo album from the French-born Stereolab frontwoman following the indefinite hiatus of the band announced in 2009

    Added: 24/09/2014

  28. 6.4



    Synthpop and guitar-driven pop on the 2nd album from New Zealander Pip Brown

    Added: 28/05/2012

  29. 6.4

    Kings Of Leon

    Mechanical Bull

    The big-selling Tennessee alt.rock quartet return after a three-year hiatus with album No.6, produced by Angelo Petraglia

    Added: 19/09/2013

  30. 6.4

    Julian Plenti

    Julian Plenti… Skyscraper

    Long awaited debut solo album from Interpol's front man Paul Banks

    Added: 31/07/2009


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