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  1. 6.6

    Lyla Foy

    Mirrors the Sky

    Self-produced debut album from the London-based singer-songwriter who previously worked under the name WALL

    Added: 18/03/2014

  2. 6.6

    Julian Lynch


    The University of Wisconsin ethnomusicology PhD student, multi-instrumentalist and prdocuer with a 4th collection of experimental pop and folk-inspired ambient recordings

    Added: 27/03/2013

  3. 6.6

    Johnny Foreigner

    You Can Do Better

    Album no 5 from the Birmingham-based 'fight pop' four piece

    Added: 26/03/2014

  4. 6.6

    Jesca Hoop


    The Californian singer-songwriter releases a set of acoustic rearrangements of old material, including duets with Guy Garvey and Erika Wennerstrom

    Added: 31/03/2014

  5. 6.6

    Icona Pop

    This Is... Icona Pop

    Second album and first international release from Swedish electropop duo Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo

    Added: 24/09/2013

  6. 6.6



    Swedish synthpop duo Jonna Lee and Claes Björklund with a collection of songs put out on YouTube before their 2012 debut album Kin

    Added: 20/06/2013

  7. 6.6

    Guadalupe Plata

    Guadalupe Plata

    Fourth album from the Spanish psych-rock trio recorded live to eight track tape

    Added: 13/01/2016

  8. 6.6

    Future Bible Heroes


    Magnetic Fields frontman Stephin Merritt reconvenes his indie pop side project alongside Christopher Ewen and singer Claudia Gonson

    Added: 11/07/2013

  9. 6.6

    Eternal Tapestry

    Wild Strawberries

    A double album from the Portland psych-rockers, with track names taken from the flora surrounding their recording space

    Added: 10/03/2015

  10. 6.6

    Destruction Unit

    Negative Feedback Resistor

    Third album from the Arizona-based metal, punk, and space rock act fronted by Jay Reatard collaborator Ryan Roussreau

    Added: 24/09/2015

  11. 6.6

    Death And Vanilla

    To Where the Wild Things Are

    Third full-length release from the Swedish dream-pop trio

    Added: 07/05/2015

  12. 6.6


    Foam Island

    Third album of electro-pop/dubstep from the London-based trio

    Added: 28/09/2015

  13. 6.6

    Brian Eno

    Drums Between The Bells

    Latest collection of soundscapes from the ambient composer, accompanied by spoken word passages from "contemporary thinker" Rick Holland

    Added: 28/06/2011

  14. 6.6

    Black Pus

    All My Relations

    Latest noise pop outing for Brian Chippendale, drummer with noise rock duo Lightning Bolt, and his first on Thrill Jockey

    Added: 05/04/2013

  15. 6.6

    Bill Wells & Friends

    Nursery Rhymes

    Collaborative album of reworked nursery rhymes from the revered Scottish jazz musician, including appearances from Yo La Tengo, Isobel Campbell, Norman Blake and Deerhoof’s Satomi Matsuzaki

    Added: 25/11/2015

  16. 6.6

    Ben Kweller

    Go Fly A Kite

    Austin indie rocker Ben Kweller releases his first album since 2009 and his first on his own label, Noise Company

    Added: 08/02/2012

  17. 6.6

    Bear In Heaven

    I Love You, It's Cool

    Fourth album from the electronic indie rock outfit from Brooklyn

    Added: 02/04/2012

  18. 6.6

    Andrew Weatherall

    A Pox on the Pioneers

    Dance rock and dub on the latest solo outing from the influential producer and DJ

    Added: 09/10/2009

  19. 6.6


    Strange Weather, Isn't It?

    Fourth album from Sacratamento, California dance punk band sometimes referred to as Chk Chk Chk

    Added: 16/08/2010

  20. 6.6

    Ultimate Painting

    Green Lanes

    Second indie pop collaboration between James Hoare (Veronica Falls) and Jack Cooper (Mazes)

    Added: 04/08/2015

  21. 6.6


    Adrian Thaws

    The English trip hop mainstay's tenth LP features contributions from Nneka, Mykki Blanco, Oh Land, and Blue Daisy

    Added: 07/09/2014

  22. 6.6

    The Soft Pack

    The Soft Pack

    Debut album from the San Diego garage rock quartet originally called The Muslims

    Added: 26/01/2010

  23. 6.6

    The Love Language

    Ruby Red

    Third release from the North Carolina lo-fi psych rock / power pop collective led by Stuart McLamb

    Added: 24/07/2013

  24. 6.6

    The Clientele


    30 minute mini-album from London-based indie / folk and pop surrealists The Clientele.

    Added: 12/09/2010

  25. 6.6

    The Avett Brothers

    The Carpenter

    The North Carolina folk-rock quartet led by brothers Seth and Scott moving in a soft rock direction aided by producer Rick Rubin on their 7th album

    Added: 12/09/2012

  26. 6.6



    Third album of shoegazing dream pop from the New Zealand-born vocalist

    Added: 02/09/2015

  27. 6.6


    Sob Story

    Second album of pop, garage rock and soul from Yorkshire singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Louis Jones produced by former Girls member JR White

    Added: 19/06/2013

  28. 6.6



    Eleventh album from the legendary Thrash Metal outfit, their first since the death of founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman

    Added: 11/09/2015

  29. 6.6


    Into Colour

    Third LP of soulful pop from Pakistani-born British singer–songwriter Sarah Joyce

    Added: 16/11/2014

  30. 6.6

    Race Horses

    Goodbye Falkenberg

    Lo-fi offbeat indie pop on this first release from the Welsh quartet who've been compared to Gorkys Zygotic Mynci

    Added: 27/01/2010


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