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  1. 5.9

    Crystal Fighters

    Cave Rave

    Second album of upbeat folktronica and electro-pop from the Basque six-piece

    Added: 26/05/2013

  2. 5.9

    Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin

    One revered master of popular music working with the material of another revered master of popular music

    Added: 19/08/2010

  3. 5.9

    Blitzen Trapper


    Seventh studio album from the Portland, Oregon alt country / indie rock quintet fronted by Eric Earley

    Added: 02/10/2013

  4. 5.9

    Willis Earl Beal

    Experiments in Time

    Self-released third full-length release from the maverick Chicago blues and soul singer-songwriter, which also incorporates gospel and R&B

    Added: 29/08/2014

  5. 5.9

    Wildest Dreams

    Wildest Dreams

    The legendary DJ Harvey tries his hand at rock n roll

    Added: 08/08/2014

  6. 5.9


    The Blackout

    First solo album of 80s influenced electronica from Nicholas Bindeman (Jackie-O Motherfucker, Eternal Tapestry)

    Added: 19/08/2011

  7. 5.9

    Tracy Bonham

    Masts of Manhatta

    Fifth album from classically trained violinist and pianist

    Added: 21/07/2010

  8. 5.9

    The Hidden Cameras


    The sixth outing of Joel Gibb's outspoken indie pop outfit includes elements of new wave and dub

    Added: 27/01/2014

  9. 5.9

    Stone Temple Pilots

    Stone Temple Pilots

    First album of new material in a decade from the revitalised US rockers

    Added: 29/05/2010

  10. 5.9

    Pepper Rabbit

    Red Velvet Snowball

    Second album of indie pop from Silver Lake, California duo Xander Singh and Luc Laurent

    Added: 08/09/2011

  11. 5.9

    Oberman Knocks

    Beatcroff Slabs

    Experimental electronica with a variety of found sounds amid synthesised techno noise from producer Nigel Truswell

    Added: 31/07/2012

  12. 5.9

    Lisa Stansfield


    First album in 10 years from the Mancunian R&B singer who began her career in the 80s as part of Blue Zone

    Added: 12/03/2014

  13. 5.9

    Kate Rusby


    10th studio album from the Yorkshire folk singer, noteable for being one of the few folk singers to have been nominated for the Mercury Prize

    Added: 04/12/2012

  14. 5.9


    The Vision

    The one-time "king of bass music" releases his first full-length album of dubstep and grime

    Added: 31/10/2011

  15. 5.9

    James Yuill

    These Spirits

    The onetime folktronica specialist with an album of electronic indie pop, released on his own label

    Added: 28/03/2013

  16. 5.9

    Great Lake Swimmers

    A Forest Of Arms

    Sixth album from the Canadian folk-rock band led by singer-songwriter Tony Dekker

    Added: 24/04/2015

  17. 5.9

    Goodluck Jonathan

    This Is Our Way Out

    Debut album from the Brighton-based post-hardcore band five-piece

    Added: 22/07/2011

  18. 5.9

    Gang Colours

    Invisible in Your City

    Second batch of laid-back electronica from Southampton's Will Ozanne

    Added: 08/10/2013

  19. 5.9

    Fountains of Wayne

    Sky Full Of Holes

    Fifth album from the New York power pop quartet formed in 1996

    Added: 29/07/2011

  20. 5.9

    Flogging Molly

    Speed of Darkness

    Fifth studio album from these LA celtic punks, the first on their own label, Borstal Beat

    Added: 14/06/2011

  21. 5.9

    Deer Tick

    The Black Dirt Sessions

    Third album from Providence, Rhode Island indie folk quartet

    Added: 23/06/2010

  22. 5.9

    Cold Crows Dead

    I Fear A New World

    Xcerts frontman Murray McLeod and fellow Brighton-based singer-songwriter and producer Paul Steel combine for a debut album merging retro psychedelia and grunge

    Added: 06/12/2013

  23. 5.9



    Debut album from the 15 year old English folk singer

    Added: 15/06/2012

  24. 5.9


    The Remixes, Vol. 1

    Album of EDM remixes from the Rhode Island based Hip Hop producer

    Added: 29/07/2013

  25. 5.9

    Zulu Winter


    Debut album of melodic, emotional indie rock and synth pop from the London quintet

    Added: 01/06/2012

  26. 5.9



    Eighth studio album from L.A.'s kings of pop-punk.

    Added: 13/09/2010

  27. 5.9

    The Drums


    Third LP from the Brooklyn indie pop group, now a duo

    Added: 22/09/2014

  28. 5.9

    Ben Folds Five

    The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind

    Folds returns to his deceptively named trio for another collection of alternative piano rock songs

    Added: 17/09/2012

  29. 5.9

    Prince Rama

    Top Ten Hits Of The End Of The World

    The fifth album of psychedelia from these sisters, raised on a Hare Krishna commune in Florida

    Added: 09/11/2012

  30. 5.9


    The Evolution of Man

    Album number four is a double for the big name English house / pop MC

    Added: 18/11/2012


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